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Classic Bvlgari Gift Basket
Bvlgari Woman Basket
(Bvlgari Bracelet or card holder - 4 Chocolate  Flowers )
Price: From 100KD to 120KD
Classic Fendi Gift Basket
Fendi man Basket
(Fendi Wallet or Keyring 5 Chocolate's  - Teddy bear )
Price: From 80KD to 110KD
Classic Prada Gift Basket
Prada man Basket
(Prada Bag For Man  - 6 Chocolate )
Price: From 100KD
Classic Dior Gift Basket
Dior Woman Basket
(Dior Bracelet or Necklace -4 Chocolate  Flowers )
Price: From 120KD to 160KD
Classic D&G Gift Basket
D&G man Basket
(D&G Wallet or Card Holder or Keyring  -1 Lollipop 5 Chocolate)
Price: From 75KD to 110KD
Classic Bottega Gift Basket
Bottega man Basket
(Bottega Wallet or card holder - 5 Chocolate )
Price: From 95KD to 160KD